A few years ago, actually more like 6-7 years ago, God started moving on my heart about the world in general, and the part of the world we now know as the 10/40 Window more specifically. Up to that point, for over 25 years of ministry, my focus of ministry was primarily on America. I had a great desire to do what I could to see revival in our nation. Lord, knows we need it far more today than when I wrote a few books about the need for revival. During this time period, God changed the desires of my heart and the direction of my life. I went from being concerned about our Jerusalem (Long Beach, California) and our Judea (California and/or the United States) to having a heart to reach out to the uttermost parts of our world, especially the 10/40 Window!

My wife and I surrendered to go to the mission field about six years ago. We arrived in Southeast Asia in our mid-50s. We have now been on the field for 4 1/2 years. We served for 17 months in the country of Laos and for about two years in the country of Cambodia with teams sent out of our home church, Pacific Baptist Church. And, we presently are living in a China!

To be honest with you, these past three years have been the most fulfilling, and I think I could honestly say the most fruitful of my life and ministry. Surrendering to serve in this part of the world at such an “advanced age” has surely not been easy. No doubt, my wife and I could have possibly done so much more if we left for the field, say, thirty years ago. At the same time, while we might not be able to do everything we’d like, we can surely do something. And we have seen God bless tremendously!

One of the overwhelming passions that God has laid upon my heart the past few years has been to do my part to inform, instruct, and inspire others to prayerfully consider praying for, giving to, and, if God would allow, serving in the neediest area of the world-the 10/40 Window.

For this reason, I take an annual trip to the States, preaching, teaching, and counseling in order to share the burden. In the past two years, I have written two books. One of the books, “Peeking through the 10/40 Window: Why it Matters to God and Why It Should Matter to Us” and “Keep the Dream Alive: The Story of One Man’s Dream and a Plea to Keep It Alive.”  I have posted information on Instagram, Twitter, and my wife’s FaceBook account about the 10/40 Window. I am just trying to do my part to get the word out.

Lord willing, God will use these various venues to inform, instruct, and inspire some men and women to surrender their lives for a needy cause.

Thus, the purpose for this website. While the website is still under construction, we are praying that God will use it to help others to prayerfully consider the great need and what God would have them do about the need!

We will send out occasional articles. At times, we will send out facts and figures about the 10/40 Window. And at other times, we will simply send out an inspiring quote. Just thoughts to ponder and pray about!


We pray that this website will be used by God to further His kingdom and glory to the uttermost parts of our world, and because of it, many souls will be ushered into eternal glory!

For God’s Glory in the Nations,

Missionaries Johnny and Denise Esposito