Questions Worth Asking, Part Two

FullSizeRenderActs 1:8, But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

My wife and I left Bangkok just a few hours ago. We are Chaing Khong, Thailand to spend some time with our team sent out of Pacific Baptist Church in Long Beach. We will spend a week with Tom and Sue Sutrick. They are heroes of mine. I will have the privilege to preach and teach for their church in the mountains as well as teach some pastors from both the Thailand and Laos side of the borders. Looking forward to it!

I wrote and posted the following words yesterday.

“Yesterday, while doing my daily Bible reading and reading the well-known and often preached from Great Commission passage above, and at the same time looking out my hotel window at the city of Bangkok (10-12 million people), which is pictured above, a very  sobering thought occurred to me. When it comes to serving God, and especially concerning the Great Commission, there are a few questions that are worth asking. But before we go there, let’s say right upfront that all of us that are saved by the precious blood of Christ are obligated to be involved with this matter of winning people to Christ and discipling believers, whether ‘around the corner’ or ‘around the world.'”

The questions we considered in yesterday’s post were:

  • “WHAT do YOU want me to do?”
  • “WHERE do YOU want me to do it?”
  • “HOW do YOU want me to do it?”
  • “WHEN do YOU want me to do it?”

Just prior to leaving our hotel in Bangkok, I posted the picture above with these words on Instagram and Twitter:

“Looking for a great place to win souls, baptize converts, disciple believers, start a church or two? How about Bangkok, Thailand? You’ll find 10-12 million people. Maybe 5 or 6 IB Baptist churches with a total of 300 church members in the entire city. And a couple of those are strictly Filipino congregations. Less than two percent of Thai people are professing ‘Christians.’ Just a thought! 🤔”

And then I thought about a few more really good questions worth pondering:

  • “How is it that a city with this many lost and ‘unchurched’ people can have so few churches when cities all over America have so many churches?”  
  • “Why are so few ‘committed Christians’ even seriously pondering coming to a city like Bangkok, a country like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, China, India, Nepal, or countless countries in the Middle east, while they are willing to settle down where there are countless Christians and churches?”
  • “Does God love these people over here?” 
  • “Does God want these Buddhist people to be saved?”
  • “Is God sending everyone to the easy, comfortable, and convenient places, or are we simply not hearing and heeding ‘the call’?”

I am just thinking if more of us would ask these questions with an Open Bible, an Open Map, and an Open Heart,there would be more laborers on this side of the Pacific Ocean!

“To know the will of God all one needs is an open Bible and an open map.”

“My biggest fear, even now, is that I will hear Jesus’ words and walk away, content to settle for less than radical obedience to Him. ”

Just asking a few questions!!!  

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