About Us

dad-momJohnny and Denise Esposito have been married since 1981. They have five children, who are all serving the Lord full-time, and 17 grandchildren. After nearly thirty years of ministry in the United States, Johnny and Denise surrendered to serve in the 10/40 Window.

For 17 months the Esposito’s served in a restricted nation in the 1040 Window. They were sent out of Pacific Baptist Church to oversee a small team in this restricted nation. The Esposito’s helped to establish an English school, which enabled them and others to be in the country and served as a place to build relationships, see people saved, baptized, and discipled. Johnny also did the preaching every Sunday morning, evening, and Wednesday in two different churches. He also taught in a small Bible institute in the restricted nation and mentored a few national Pastors and future Pastors.

2011-10-24-09-46-52After serving in the restricted nation, the Esposito’s served for nearly two years in Cambodia with  another one of our teams sent out of Pacific Baptist Church. Among other things, Johnny was involved with discipling 10-12 men during this time period, taught in the Bible Institute, as well as working with a ministry which eventually planted a church in Stung Meanchey, Cambodia.

Johnny and Denise are presently on the next step in their journey with Jesus in the 10/40 window. Lord willing, they are on their way to another restricted nation to, with God’s help, pave the way for a future team to be sent out of Pacific Baptist Church!