Did You Know?

china-1China is a country of 1.4 billion people. That is almost five times the size of the United States of America. The “unreached” population of the country of China is just under 186 million people. Depending on what statistics you believe, somewhere between 3-5 percent of the population professes to be “Christian.” To put that in proper perspective, 77.5 percent of Americans profess to be “Christian.”

For the past few years Pacific Baptist Church, under the leadership of my brother, Pastor Joe Esposito, have felt that God wanted them to send a team to the country of China like they have sent teams to Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand.

Below are a few reasons for prayerfully considering China as a place to serve Christ and the cause of Christ. These are points that I have taught at our college and most of them can be found in my book Keep the Dream Alive.

china-2Why China?

1) The Great Commission commands us to “GO” into all of the world and that world would include the country of China.

2) With her just under 1.4 billion people, China is the most populated nation on planet earth.

  • This enormous number represents almost one out of every five people alive in the world today. This number is nearly three times the population of the United States of America and double the population of all of Southeast Asia combined!
  • The country of China has 150 cities with over one million people. The U.S. has only 10. China has 14 cities with a population of five million or more. The United States has only one.
  • The six largest cities in China are Shanghai (23 million people), Beijing (19 million people) Guangzhou/Foshan (17 million people), Shenzen (12 million people), Tianjin (11 million people), Dongoun (8 million people).

unreached3) Other than India, no country in the world has anywhere close to the number of “unsaved,” “unreached” and “unengaged” (those who have no one looking for them) people as the country of China has.    It’s not even close!

4) China borders at least 13 other countries, including India (1.2 billion people), Pakistan (180 million people), Russia (142 million people), and North Korea (25 million people) that desperately need Jesus.

5) China is within “striking distance” of all 68 other countries in the 10/40 Window, including the most difficult countries in the world to reach – those in the Middle East.

people-16) Because of over sixty years of communist rule, there is not the same religious “stronghold” in China that you will find in the other countries in the 10/40 Window.

7) Because of this same communist rule, there is a definite void in the hearts of the people of China that can only be filled with the love of Jesus.

8) China opened the doors to the West and because of this, the younger generation is more open to “new ideas” than the older generation had been, and this would include being more open to the Gospel.

9) With the technological revolution, which China has bought into, the Chinese people, especially the young people, whether the government likes it or not, are being influenced by the West.

10) As one author has noted, the Chinese people have the characteristics of industry, frugality, tenacity, physical vigor, and intellect, which, once they turn to Christ, can be used for the furtherance of the Gospel around the world.

11] The Chinese people are willing and able to go all over the world, even to places that the average white American will not and cannot go. Therefore, they represent a huge potential missionary force!

12] There are more Chinese people slipping off into a Christless eternity every day than china-3any other people in the world.

13] There are only somewhere between 50 and 100 full-time IB Christians in the entire country of China.  That would be one worker for every 28 or 14 million people. In comparison, in the city of Long Beach, there is one full-time IB worker for every 2,500 people!

14] God is glorified when the “unreached” and “unengaged” are sought by His people!

people-2Of course, another really good reason for considering China, especially if you are a member of Pacific Baptist Church, is because your church and your pastor believes it is the will of God to send a team there.

Where in our generation does that burning desire of the heart exist? Who among us longs to see God work in extraordinary ways? Who among us has a passion to see God glorified behind the closed doors of this world? Until we have young men and young women of God who are willing to do anything necessary to see God’s name glorified, there will be no city-taking. Until there is a generation willing to suffer, willing to bleed, and willing to die for the glory of God, there will be no conquering of the land God has promised us. We may watch walls fall and doors open, but it is our hearts that determine whether or not the cities of this world will be taken. … Some creative power will be needed to reach China’s millions with the Gospel! As the government strives to keep the church outside of the borders of China, the church must do whatever possible to get the Gospel inside of their closed doors. But this creative power will never be exercised until God’s laborers feel a need to do so! When a burning necessity drives God’s people to approach His throne on behalf of the 1.3 billion Chinese, those things that seemed like obstacles will fall away to make way for Christ’s church on the warpath. When will we reach China?

– Jake Taube and Mark Tolson, On the Edge … A Strategy for Reaching China in Our Generation